LG offers many accessories for use with system components.

Branch Distribution Units - BD Units for Multi F Max

Branch distribution units are designed for use with LG Multi F MAX (LMU540HV) outdoor units and available in 3 sizes; two port, three port, or four port.

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Y-Branch Kit

The Y-Branch kit is used to connect Multi F MAX indoor units. Flare joints for clean and easy installation.

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Low Ambient Wind Baffle Kit

Allows operation in the area where low ambient temperature and protects the outdoor unit from wind.

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Ventilation Kit

Adds ventilation air into Multi V 4-way ceiling-cassette indoor units.

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Drain Pan Heater

The pan heater is easy to install on Multi F, Multi F MAX, Multi V™ S (2Ton and 5Ton) outdoor units to prevent potential ice buildup in extreme winter conditions

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LG Smart Inverter Monitoring System (SIMs) 2.0

Diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for LG Air Conditioning Systems to connect the outdoor units.

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