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ACP IV BACnet Gateway

The ACP IV BACnet® Gateway provides open protocol communication between V-Net and various brands of building automation systems to control and monitor up to 256 connected devices. Binary inputs can be read through any of 20 digital inputs with feedback through any of 4 digital outputs.
The ACP IV BACnet® Gateway conforms to ANSI/ASHRAE 135, version 1.0.
BACnet® is a registered trademark of ASHRAE.

ACP IV BACnet Gateway

Model No: PQNFB17C2


Standard Features

  • Integrates V-Net and select Mini and Multi Split systems with third party building management systems.
  • BTL certified (ASHRAE 135-2004) BACnet® Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
  • Supports registration as a foreign device
  • 20 x 4 character LCD
  • Indoor unit monitoring and group control
  • Web access with user access control
  • Operation and error history log
  • Ten digital inputs and four digital outputs for device interlocking


Basic Unit Functions

  • Operation – On/Off
  • Mode – Auto/Cool/Dry/Heat/Fan Only
  • Fan Speed – Auto/Low/Med/High/Power
  • Louver Swing


Advanced Unit Functions

  • Two Setpoint Auto-Changeover
  • 200 Programmable Schedule Events with control of setpoint, On/Off, Mode, Fan Speed, Controller Lock, and Louver Swing
  • Temperature Setpoint Range Limit
  • Remote Controller Lock (All, Setpoint, Mode, Fan Speed)
  • Occupancy (Occupied/Unoccupied)
  • Software Device Interlocking
  • Control and Scheduling of Digital Output Kit
  • Peak Control
  • Visual Floorplan Navigation
BACnet® is a registered trademark of ASHRAE.
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