Central Controllers
Advanced Control Platform (ACP) IV

ACP IV provides for scheduling, remote controller lock, setpoint range limit, web access, peak / demand control, PDI integration, and AC Manager Plus integration advanced functionality in addition to basic unit control and monitoring.

Advanced Control Platform (ACP) IV

Model No: PACP4B001


Basic Unit Functions

  • Operation - On/Off
  • Mode - Auto/Cool/Dry/Heat/Fan Only
  • Setpoint
  • Fan Speed - Auto/Low/Med/High
  • Louver Swing


Advanced Unit Functions

  • 200 Programmable Schedule Events with control of Sepoint, On/Off, Mode, Fan Speed, Controller Lock, and Louver Swing
  • Two Setpoint Auto changeover
  • Temperature Setpoint Range Limit
  • Remote Controller Lock (All, Setpoint, Mode)
  • Manual Control and Scheduling of Digital Output Kit
  • Peak/Demand Control
  • SD Card Slot for V-Net Communication Logging
  • Power Distribution Indicator (PDI) Integration (optional)
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