LG Duct-Free
Project Profiles

ARI Aerosol Packaging Facility

Location:     Griffin, Georgia
Equipment:     LG Single Zone Air Conditioning System

Multiple LG High Static Ducted Single-Zone units provide even temperature year-round in a large open warehouse in South Georgia.


ARI, an aerosol packaging supplier in Griffin, Georgia, was tasked with packaging a new line of aerosol, and an additional space was needed in order to house the product surplus. A local contractor and C.C. Dickson were called in to help design an energy efficient building from the ground up that would provide a home to the aerosol canning manufacturing plant and warehouse. In designing the new building, one of the main goals of ARI was to heat and cool the workspace in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner. A unique challenge presented to the contractor was that in the large warehouse, it would be more difficult to maintain an even temperature across the entire facility.


It was essential to the client to heat or cool the warehouse in an energy efficient way and effectively maintain consistent temperature within the large space. The High Static Ducted Single-Zone units from LG met both these needs, in addition to providing long-term cost savings due to the units’ energy efficiency. The contractors needed an alternative to traditional wall units in order for the air flow to reach people anywhere in the large space. The flexible design of the LG air conditioning system allowed the High Static Ducted units to effectively meet the needs the building’s layout required.

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