Specialty Application Devices
Auxiliary Heater Relay Kit

The Auxiliary Heater Relay Kit privides two stages of auxiliary heat for indoor units. The auxiliary heater may be configured as the primary or seconadary heat source; providing an efficient way to add auxiliary heat to any VRF system.

Auxiliary Heater Relay Kit

System Compatibility: Wall Mounted indoor units for Multi V, Multi F, and Multi F MAX

Series: SB, SC

Model No: PRARS1


• Provides two stages of auxiliary heat for indoor unit
• Provides ability to use the two stage auxiliary heater as the primary or secondary heating source
• Compatible LG indoor units: High Static Ducted, Low Static Ducted, 1‐Way Ceiling Cassette, 2‐Way Ceiling Cassette, 4‐Way Ceiling Cassette, and Ceiling Suspended

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