Dealer Co-op Kit.

Welcome to LG’s Air Conditioning Systems Dealer/Contractor Co-Op Kit.

We want to always make sure you have everything you need to leverage the power of the LG brand and increase your sales. This kit provides a wide array of assets that you can use to gain visibility in your market while presenting a compelling sales message to numerous potential customers. What’s more, the kit materials may be reimbursable for 100% of eligible co-op funds through the LG ACS Co-Op Program. Please contact your LG sales representative for further details.

Kit Instructions

In order to customize the materials for your company and maintain LG brand guidelines, all requests must adhere to the following instructions and be approved by the LG ACS Marketing team.

  1. Click “Request Now” on any item to request the selected advertisement.
  2. Provide us with your company details as shown on the examples below.
  3. Attach a high-resolution logo in any standard graphics file format.
  4. Our team will contact you if any other information is required to complete your ads.
  5. When completed, we will send you an email notification with instructions for downloading your customized ads.
  6. Once received, you can then submit your files to the publications and websites of your choice.

Digital media enables you to reach a very large audience of online viewers. This is done with the placement of customized online banner ads that lead viewers to your customized landing page.


Each of these banner ads runs in a 15-second frame-by-frame sequence, ending and remaining on the last frame. We will customize that last frame with your logo, and the Request Now button will drive viewers to your customized landing page.

Banner 1: Room by Room

Room by Room

Banner 2: Happy Places

Happy Places

Banner 3: Cookies


Landing Page

Your online banner ads will drive viewers to this landing page that continues the LG Home Comfort Solutions sales message. We will customize the page with your logo and contact information, plus a Request Now button that will take viewers to your company website.


Full Page

Print ads can reach your community through as many magazines and newspapers as you wish. This kit offers a selection of ads targeting four different comfort zone scenarios. We will customize the ads you choose with your logo and business information.

Print Ad 1: Comfort°


Print Ad 2: Ahhh, 71°. His sweet spot.

Ahhh, 71°. His sweet spot

Print Ad 3: Ahhh, 68°. Our comfort zone.

Ahhh, 68°.Our comfort zone

Print Ad 4: Ahhh, 72°. No complaints here.

Ahhh, 72°. No complaints here

Print Ad 5: Ahhh, the perfect temperatures for our happy places.

Ahhh, the perfect temperatures for our happy places.

Print Ad 6: Cookies.


Half Page

Print Ad 1: Comfort°


Quarter Page

Print Ad 1: Comfort°



The envelope stuffer is a powerful yet economical way to draw new business from the households in your area. It acts as a miniature billboard for your company and commands one-on-one attention as a direct mailer or when homeowners open their coupon pack.

Inserts 1: Ahhh, 71°. His sweet spot.

Ahhh, 71°. His sweet spot

Inserts 2: Ahhh, the perfect temperatures for our happy places.

Ahhh, the perfect temperatures for our happy places.

Inserts 3: Cookies.


Radio Spots

Radio is a very effective way to reach customers in the car, office, home and online. Our spots are 60 seconds long including your Dealer Tag voiceover. We have two spots — one targeting single or multiple rooms and the other targeting home renovations. Have a listen.

How to get the Radio Spot(s) Produced with your Dealer Tag

Select the radio spot(s) you wish to use. Once ready, you will need to submit a voice recording .wav file of your Dealer Tag (Business Name and Contact Information) timed to exactly ten (10) seconds. Submit the files to ldfs.info@lge.com and dfs.info@lge.com who will compile the final radio edit with your Dealer Tag voiceover added. We will re-submit the files to you and LG Air Conditioning Systems for final approval.