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High Efficiency Filter Box

The slim low profile ducted filter box matches the LG low profile high static ducted indoor units. In many instances can be fitted in between joists to create higher ceilings for a dramatic feel. The air filter boxes perform with MERV filters selected by designer.

High Efficiency Filter Box

Series: MicroMetl

Model No: ZFBXBG01A


Human Element Advantages: 
Dust removal
MERV ratings

Building & Operation Cost Advantages: 
Keep fan coils cleaner
Traps dust and particles based on MERV rating

System Design Advantages: 
Choice of configurations: Right Side Filter Access Panel with Rear, Bottom or Rear/Bottom; Left Side Filter Access Panel with Rear, Top, or Rear/Top
Saves engineer valuable calculation time from calculating outside air requirements using ventilation rate procedures in ASHRAE 62 
Filter boxes and transition pieces are custom designed to match and operate with LG VRF ducted high static ducted units

For High Static Ducted Indoor Units: 
ZFBXBH01A Filter Boxes for BHA Frames 
ZFBXBG01A Filter Boxes for BGA Frames
ZFBXBR01A Filter Boxes for BRA Frames
ZFBXB801A Filter Boxes for B8A Frames

Available models: ZFBXBH01A, ZFBXBG01A, ZFBXBR01A, ZFBXB801A

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