Outdoor Unit Accessories

LG offers a variety of accessories to work with HVAC outdoor units for residential and light commercial applications.

Branch Distribution Units - BD Units

Branch distribution units are designed for use with LG Multi F MAX (LMU540HV) outdoor units and available in 3 sizes; two port, three port, or four port.

Drain Pan Heater

The pan heater is easy to install on Single Zone, Multi Zone and  Multi V™ S (2Ton and 5Ton) outdoor units to prevent potential ice buildup in extreme winter conditions.

Y-Branch Kit - Outdoor

The Y-Branch kit is used to connect Multi F MAX indoor units. Flare joints for clean and easy installation.

Low Ambient Wind Baffle Kit

The low ambient wind baffle kit allows operation in the area where low ambient temperature and protects the outdoor unit from wind.

LG Smart Inverter Monitoring System (SIMs)

Diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for LG Air Conditioning Systems to connect the outdoor units.

LG Monitoring View (LGMV )

LG Monitoring View (LGMV) is a maintenance and troubleshooting tool for Multi V™ air conditioning systems. Mobile LGMV consists of a wireless communications module and a free smart phone app, available for Android and iOS smart phones.