Multi Zone
Outdoor Units

Multi Zone systems provide air conditioning for two, three, four and up to eight separate zones. A variety of outdoor units include in the MAX series are available for any application; systems can be configured with all non-ducted, all ducted, or with both non-ducted and ducted indoor units.

Multi F

The Multi F series of heat pumps are compact, outdoor units compatible with both ducted and duct-free indoor units. he Multi F lineup also features units with LGRED° heat technology which offers reliable heating in some of the most extreme winter temperatures. 

Multi V S

Ranging from a 2-ton heat pump to 5-ton heat pump and 5-ton heat recovery model, the Multi V™ S single-phase lineup provides excellent energy efficiency and design flexibility in a compact footprint.  The Multi V S is compatible with the full line up Multi V indoor unit styles.