LG's single zone and multi zone system solutions offer stylish and energy-efficient products to the residential and light commercial consumer.

Single Zone

LG Duct-Free Split single zone systems offer many styles of indoor units to complement any décor. These one-to-one systems include an outdoor unit matched with an indoor unit, offering a complete air conditioning system for any home or light commercial space.

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Multi Zone

Multi zone heat pump systems provide outdoor units for two, three, four and up to eight separate zones. A variety of indoor units are available for any application; systems can be configured with all non-ducted, all ducted, or with both non-ducted and ducted indoor units.

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A variety of control systems and communication gateways are available for Home Comfort Solutions and Light Commercial Systems operation and interface.

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We offer a variety of accessories for use with system components, including LG indoor and outdoor units for air conditioning.

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